Lisa Combs Jern

A John weber mystery
It’s 1991 in the relaxed coastal community of Tim’s Bayou, Florida. John Weber, a sharp-witted, deceptively laid-back Atlanta police detective, has returned with eight-year-old daughter Lainie for his mother Sara’s funeral. But John’s bittersweet homecoming takes a shocking turn when close friend Jennifer Marlowe is murdered in the brackish waters near a long-abandoned inn, where the two were drinking and reminiscing just hours earlier.
As the local authorities investigate, John becomes obsessed—only mildly, he insists—with the possibility that Jennifer’s killer is somehow implicated in the disappearance of John’s girlfriend years earlier. While he races to expose the unknown assailant and clear his own name, John must grapple with his own painful past, too.   

Lisa has been an Atlanta trial lawyer for more than twenty-five years. She grew up on the bayous of Northwest Florida.

Tim’s Bayou is an imagined community nestled among the heat-drenched Northwest Florida bayous—a town that’s more pine than palm, a world away from the nearby fancy beach hotels.

The fictional world of Tim’s Bayou is a picturesque series of bayous in Northwest Florida just north of the Gulf of Mexico and along the Choctawhatchee Bay. The landscape is made up of sandy ridges of longleaf pine, palmetto groves, shady live oaks, and Spanish moss.