Lisa Combs Jern

A Visual Tour

Tim’s Bayou is fictional but is based on real, and equally cherished, communities in Northwest Florida. It takes its name from the Timucuan Indians, the largest group of indigenous Indians in North Florida, whose settlements in the state date back as early as 1100 to 1300 AD.

The Inspiration

Photos:  LynnCrow Photography 

The Old Florida Inn

The inspiration for the Old Florida Inn is the Valparaiso Inn, a 1920s-era Spanish-style inn in Northwest Florida. The Inn, which was on the National Register of Historic Places, was converted to apartments in 1956. It burned in 1977 and, for the last time, in 1980.

The Dockside

John’s dad’s bar, the Dockside, takes its look and spirit from a popular marina bar and restaurant in Niceville, Florida, Giuseppi’s Wharf, which closed in the early 2000. The lively Wharf 850 operates on the same beautiful site today.